R.T and F Farriers

Having a good farrier is one of the most important parts in a successful team. As the old saying goes 'no hoof, no horse'. It's not just the hoof that farriery affects, as if the foot aliment is not correct problems may occur elsewhere in the horse, sometimes putting hips and shoulders out and also causing undue stress and wear to tendons and ligaments, resulting in the break down of a horse much earlier in its life than is needed. Corrective shoeing can also help conformational faults of the horse. As Lizzie's horses compete and hunt it is imperative that they they are comfortable to give them the best chance possible. .

Tom and Fred Sampson are very experience farriers, who are fantastic with youngsters and problem horses treating each horse/pony as an individual and shoeing them accordingly.  They have always corrected faults with appropriate shoeing methods and all of them have had fantastic hoof pastern axis angles to suite the horse. They are also happy to pop in, if unfortunately in the mud or over reaching a shoe is lost and are happy to discuss the best strategy for corrective shoeing.

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